Physicals & Immunizations
Health Examination for Kindergarten and New Students
Upon entering Skagway School, every child shall be required to have a physical examination by a physician as provided in Alaska Statutes, Section 14.30.070. The examination will be performed by the student's private physician, and the financial responsibility for the physical examination will be assumed by the child's parents.

In no case will a child be permitted to attend school more than one calendar month without having a physical examination. The results of the examination will be made on a form provided by the school district and shall be signed by the examining health care provider.

The Haines Public Health Nurse (907-766-3300) can do physical examinations for kindergarten and new students. Please call the Public Health office directly for information about visits to Skagway.

All students preschool through 12th grade in Alaska are required to show evidence of meeting immunization requirements. State Law requires that any child who lacks proof of immunization or a valid exemption not be allowed to attend school. The Haines Public Health Nurse can do immunizations and tuberculin (TB) tests at school.